My gardens are the first source for my
prints and paintings. Each day my flowers
plants and trees show me forms and colors
that merge into the work. The wind, the
sounds of birds and the hum of my
beehives are the rhythms I try to bring into
the pieces. Swirling, falling, blooming and
fading forms repeat and build the layers of
the images. Leaves of medieval manuscripts
and Italian paintings have brought me
ribbons and gold leaf. The recent work has
emerged from thoughts of wreaths,
garlands and bouquets as symbols of
celebrations and commemoration. My
paintings emerge slowly from observations
in the sunlight and from the interior light of
dreams. I live in Lyme, Connecticut where I
keep my gardens and four hives of
honeybees. I have a BFA and MFA from the
University of Connecticut. My art emerges
out of my joy and fascination with nature.
I feel honored to have a small part of the
world to tend, which brings me great riches
of subject matter.

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